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hey, he is known as~ (jonny,johnny,johnnie,john,jon,jonathan or jonathan)any1 of it will do~ he's out-going & friendly & caring & etc.. :)

Friday, February 26, 2010

To Christy:


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

K2, got it ~!!

yahoo !! finally today i got my K2 "The Don" Inline Skates !! superb man !! sexy too :D anyway i waited almost 2 months from the day i ordered it... xs dono y it took so long, even though the stock was from Singapore..oh well at least i got it now, i cant wait to use it wei...once i got home, the 1st thing was to test it out !! & it was great !! :D LOVING it ! hahahaha

Monday, October 5, 2009

AA Rejects !

yeah !! finally they are here again, The All-American Rejects.... AND i got tickets to see them LIVE !!!!!!!!! haha thanks to DIGI, anyway i cant w8 see them :D


Sunday, October 4, 2009

Gathering ^.^

well it was fun that day :D finally get to meet my friends :D they are still the same, nothing change..but sad thing is that Sharleen wasnt able to make it but we will get to meet soon la....hopefully....hahaha we pergi makan Manhattan Fish Market @ Pyramid...haizz the thing is ppl always late xs...only me ying and jeremy was on time..others latee as always even the host xs haha malaysian timing ma....guess wat, they all wanted to eat TGI but i was so broke that time...shooot, lucky they changed it :D haizzz but still EX la M.Fish Market. hahaha hmm..i miss them already, wondering when will the next outing ^.^

Sunday, September 6, 2009


a guy call Jonathan and a girl call Christy, they both are....well u can see below...thats them when they are really bored...zZzz.. ^.^


Friday, September 4, 2009

abt JackJack & US :D

isnt it Jack jack so cute ?? haha look at him..just stare and u will wonder, is he really looking back at u ?? haha ohh well he is great to us both :D

Monday, August 24, 2009




have u ever felt the feeling of no appetite to eat anything or drink anything ?? well, i fianlly felt that havent eaten or drink anything since i woke up from my bad sleep yesterday...i knew that something bad is going to happen, just the matter of time....

this is how i felt the whole day...i dont really know how may feelings i have felt due to so many things im thinking of...how can i end this pain full situation...have u ever felt depress b4 ?? its really bad especially if ur 1 of many depression victims..have u ever try to take away "yourself" and live no longer so the pain will all fade.....no many know that i have tried it....not many.........

Do You Know What's Worth Fighting for
When It's Not Worth Dying for?
Does It Take Your Breath away
And You Feel Yourself Suffocating?
Does the Pain Weigh out the Pride?
And You Look for a Place to Hide?
Did Someone Break Your Heart inside?

When You're at the End of the Road
And You Lost All Sense of Control
And Your Thoughts Have Taken Their Toll
When Your Mind Breaks the Spirit of Your Soul
Your Faith Walks on Broken Glass
And the Hangover Doesn't Pass
Nothing's Ever Built to Last
IM in Ruins.

i just hope that God will erase this dark memory...y cant there be just light ?? sometimes i look up the dark cloudy skies, imagining how nice if a ray of light penetrate it..its just beautiful, its a sense of hope and the feeling that a savior is here just for u....well, i wanted that really badly and i really need it...